10AGE is a Russian rap artist who gained significant popularity in 2019. Dmitry Panov (real name of the artist) is one of the most extraordinary singers of our time. His tracks are "impregnated" with a challenge to society and foul language. It seems that Panov managed to get into the very "heart" as a music lover, since his works often acquire platinum status. Childhood and youth […]

Yo Gotti is a popular American rapper, lyricist, and head of a recording studio. He reads about the gloomy life of the sleeping suburbs. Most of his tracks deal with the theme of drugs and murder. Yo Gotti says that the topics that he raises in musical works are not alien to him, since he rose from the very "bottom". Children's and youth […]

Young Dolph is an American rapper who did a great job in 2016. He has been called a "bulletproof" rapper (but more on that later) as well as a hero in the independent scene. There were no producers behind the artist's back. He "blinded" himself on his own. Childhood and youth of Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr. The artist's date of birth is July 27, 1985. He […]

Krechet is a Ukrainian rap artist who hides his face, emphasizing that the audience should be interested in music. He attracted attention after collaborating with Alina Pash. The clip of the artists "Food" - literally "blew up" Ukrainian YouTube. The anonymity of Krechet definitely fuels the interest of the public. I want to take off the mask and get to know him better. But the rapper […]

"Kurgan & Agregat" is a Ukrainian hip-hop group, which first became known in 2014. The team is called the most authentic Ukrainian hip-hop group of the last few years. It's really hard to argue with that. The guys do not imitate their Western colleagues, so they sound original. Sometimes, musicians do things that can be called brilliant without hesitation. If […]

Skofka is a Ukrainian rap artist who in 2021 became a real breakthrough in the vastness of his native country. Today, the rapper unequivocally "tears" Ukrainian YouTube. He is often compared with Miyagi, but it is enough to include a few tracks to understand that his work is original, so any comparisons are superfluous and even vulgar. Childhood and youth of Vladimir Samolyuk […]