"Aria" is one of the cult Russian rock bands, which at one time created a real story. Until now, no one has been able to surpass the musical group in terms of the number of fans and released hits. The clip "I'm free" for two years took first place in the line of charts. What is one of the iconic […]

In 1980, in the Soviet Union, a new star lit up in the musical sky. Moreover, judging by the genre direction of the works and the name of the team, both literally and figuratively. We are talking about the Baltic group under the "space" name "Zodiac". The debut of the Zodiac group Their debut program was recorded at the all-Union recording studio "Melody" […]

"Boombox" is a real asset of the modern Ukrainian stage. Only having appeared on the musical Olympus, talented performers immediately won the hearts of many music lovers around the world. The music of talented guys is literally “saturated” with love for creativity. Strong and at the same time lyrical music "Boombox" cannot be ignored. That is why fans of the band's talent […]

Zemfira is a Russian rock singer, author of lyrics, music and just a talented person. She laid the foundation for a direction in music that music experts have defined as "female rock". Her song "Do you want?" became a real hit. For a long time she occupied the 1st position in the charts of her favorite tracks. At one time, Ramazanova became a world-class star. Before […]

The songs of the Dot group are the first meaningful rap that appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation. The hip-hop group at one time made a lot of "noise", turning the idea of ​​\u1998b\u90bthe possibilities of Russian hip-hop. Composition of the group Dots Autumn XNUMX - this particular date became decisive for the then young team. In the late XNUMXs, the […]

The musical project of Andrey Kuzmenko "Scriabin" was founded in 1989. By chance, Andriy Kuzmenko became the founder of Ukrainian pop-rock. His career in the world of show business began with attending an ordinary music school, and ended with the fact that, as an adult, he collected ten thousand sites with his music. Earlier work of Scriabin. How it all began? The idea of ​​creating a musical […]